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All About Sierra Palms: The Second Rental Location

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Sierra Palms is located 1/2 km. down the road from the main ecolodge. This location has a fully equipped shared kitchen that is available. For those health conscious individuals or guests on a budget cooking all your meals is a great way to save money. The trip down the road is about a 15 minute drive and the roads are very narrow and winding. Keep this in mind when driving in the dark.

Sierra Palms has a large 2,000 sq. ft. triplex open area perfect for large group events, weddings, company retreats, or business vacations. The open space overlooks the jungle with a great work area and fantastic connectivity. From the terrace, you can see the neighboring island of Vieques, the ocean, the infinity waterfall, and often times you're in the clouds. There is no AC because the wind, elevation, and trees offer plenty of protection from the sun. Sometimes, it can even be a bit chilly!

On the lower level of this Triplex structure, the Rainforest, Cascada, and Tree Fern room are located. The Paradise room is a separate structure 50 feet away from this main building! All these rooms have access to the commercial kitchen which includes a stove, oven, three chamber sink, fridge, freezer, toaster, blender, toaster oven, and plenty of cookware! Large family gatherings, weddings or events would be perfect for this space!

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