Nature at Your Door Step
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  1. Fabulous Weddings
    Fabulous Weddings
    Beutifull place to get married, You have a wonderfull view, your friends, a place to stay, a place to party. All in one place.
  2. River Pools
    River Pools
    The river pools are a five minute walk from the Ecolodge along a path through giant tree ferns, bread fruit trees & other exotic forest foliage
  3. Beautiful Rooms
    Beautiful Rooms
    All rooms are close to the rainforest, you'll feel like you are one with nature. Thanks to the Coquis this is a mosquito free environment.
Where We Are Located
Situated on the South side of El Yunque Rainforest, Casa Cubuy offers comfortable lodgings where you are surrounded by the beauty and wonders of this lush rain forest. We are lucky to have a mosquito free environment. This is thanks to the little tree frog "El coqui" that flourishes on the mosquito larvae.
 Sunbathe on granite  boulders worn smooth by eons of swirling waters, relax in a hammock on the  verandah, read, or watch the clouds roll by in this peaceful setting of giant  tree ferns, towering breadfruit trees, cascading waterfalls, and wild orchids.  
  1. Enjoy your nights bonding with nature
    Enjoy your nights bonding with nature
  2. Unique rooms with wonderful views
    Unique rooms with wonderful views
  3. Massage Therapist on Call
    Massage Therapist on Call
The Ecolodge
We have 3 separate properties.  Casa Cubuy Ecolodge is our primary business where breakfast is served & where the wifi is.   It has 11 rooms on 3 levels.  All rooms have private bathrooms with shower baths.

Numbers one thru five are on the upper level.They have private balconies and the best views of the forest & waterfalls.

The mid level has two rooms  number 6 is handicap accessible. It has sliding glass doors that open onto forest.  Number 7 is our most economical room at $99 per night.  It has double doors that open onto a common area.

The lower level has four rooms.  Number 8 has a terrace with two hammocks. Numbers 9 & 10 share an out door space with hammocks.  Number 11 has a private patio with hammock & outdoor furniture.

The Rainforest Apartment is in the same building as our restaurant that is 1/2 mile distant from the Ecolodge. This is a 10 minute walk or a two minute drive. The apartment   has a terrace with views of the forest.
Also in that same building is R-2.  This is a room with private balcony & view of forest.

Sierra Palms is 50 yards from the restaurant.  It is a walled compound with two structures.  One is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath house with terrace open to the forest.  The other is  3 tiered structure.  On the first level is a
very large space open on 3 sides to the forest, with views of forest, waterfall & ocean.  This space is used for group meetings,  weddings, yoga retreats, etc.  Three rooms occupy the two lower tiers.

Our nightly rates range from $110 (lower level rooms) to $125 ( upper level rooms & handicapped) for two guests plus 9% tax.  There is a $25 charge per extra person per night. There is an extra room cleaning fee of $20 for “one-night” guests.

Check-in hours are between 1:00 and 9:00 PM. Check-out is at 11:00 AM. Please call ahead of time if you plan on checking in after 9:00 PM.

Reserve online now!